Cowspiracy is a great film that I recommend everyone see. Here is their page of facts:



Nutrition Facts – – Dr. Greger is very unbiased and provides comprehensive meta-analyses of the most current health and nutrition research. If you have any question about health facts this is the place to go. Do yourself a favor and spend a few hours here. You won’t regret it.

Choose Veg – A great resource for recipes and other tips.



Gardein – Unbelievably amazing vegan ‘meats’. Available at most grocery stores and Target but Whole Foods usually has the best selection. These products are great for transitioning to veganism and for kids as they look and taste amazing. Be mindful of the nutrition facts as some of their products are more for on a treat basis. Some are very healthy and all are very delicious.

Field Roast – Amazing vegan sausages and cheeses. Only available at Whole Foods at the moment I believe.


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