Info for New Vegans

I’m so proud of you! The first few weeks are the hardest because it takes a little effort to break old habits. But I promise once you figure this all out you will be happy and proud of yourself and so glad you made the change.

Here is some basic info that you should know:

1) You need to take B12. Seriously. Don’t mess around- you can go crazy and die. Meat-eaters claim the fact that we can’t get B12 from anything other that animal products is proof that we should be eating them. The truth is we can get B12 from non-animal sources but most of our food these days are devoid of any real dirt (B12 is abundant in nature) and it is critical for our bodies that we get this nutrient.

2) Find yourself a go-to vegan snack. Mine was hummus. I used to love cheese and crackers so I switched to hummus and crackers and always had it around for when I was having a tough time. Now I know that Kite Hill vegan cream cheese exists.

3) Iodized salt is also your friend. Some vegans are iodide deficient.

4) Nutritional Yeast. Get on board. It’s in bulk at Whole Foods or any other health food store. It looks like yellow dusty flakes. Just put it on every to make it taste amazing.

5) Surround yourself with other like-minded people (vegans) that you can share your experience and recipes with. Try to distance yourself from any negativity or bullying. I know a lot of people think vegans are aliens. Try not to listen and just be confident in your choices. You’re not doing this just for you (or maybe you are) but so, so many will benefit if you succeed.

6) Try lots of vegan food products. Not only is this good for the vegan food business, which will support more variety in the market, but you will find which ones work for you. We are all different. I like soy in my coffee, my husband likes coconut milk. It’s just trial and error.

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