I wish I could say that the idea for the name of this blog came from the concept that food is the only weapon we need for change. But in actuality it came from being too tired and misreading a billboard. But hey, the end result is the same. I’ve been vegan for nearly a year and couldn’t be happier with where it has taken me. I feel great. This site is the culmination of my past year of research and experimentation into the world of plant-based cuisine. I hope you enjoy this food and your adventure as much as I’ve enjoyed my own.  Thanks for visiting! Peace + Love, Kayla

Kayla Schmah is a mostly self-taught vegan chef working with the beautiful food that’s available in Southern California. She has developed as a chef in the high pressure environment of having to feed her 2 hungry young boys and husband, all with healthy vegan food that they would love. She uses her friends and neighbors as guinea pigs. It’s unclear why this is written in the 3rd person when it’s clearly by me.

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